May 14, 2010

From "The canary bird"

And men with gilded cage and praise will try
To make the bard like thee forget his native sky.

From "The boy's dream: a ballad"

It seemed far better to live as they,
And see but the sights they saw;
Than roam as a sailor from land to land,
Without a home, or law.

Feb 19, 2010

From "The winter bird"

Still I felt as my ear caught thy glad note of glee,
That my heart in life's winter might carol like thee

From "The autumn leaf"

Though here by feeble glance of sense unseen,
The all holy eyes of God approve

From "Washington"

Trusts not the warrior's proudest boasts--
The thunders of the tented field;--
He kneels before the God of hosts,
Of all that live the shield!

From "The Arab steed"

The love whose strength was all unknown,
Until with life that love had flown

From "My mother's voice"

My Mother's voice! I hear it now,
I feel her hand upon my brow

From "Frozen ship"

Did you upraise the trembling prayer
To Him, who rules the sea;

From "The painted columbine"

Bright image of my early years!
When glowed my cheek as red as thou

From "King Phillip"

Still will I guard thee, mountain shrine,
That looks upon my father's grave;
And thou shalt sadly smile on mine,
And bless the arm that could not save.

From "Memory"

Oft come back the notes of pleasure,
Grief's sad echoes oft annoy.

Feb 6, 2010

From "The stars"

Yet still ye turn the tearful eye
Upon earth's wayward course,
For love divine can never die,
Too deep, too pure its source!

From "Religion"

What are these to soul's calm rest? --
Diamond's price is paid in vain

From "North River"

But if upon the soul's calm face
Dash the rough blast of passion wild
Oh! then how soon is fled each trace
Of all that in that vision smil'd.

From "On the death of his friend"

The spirit's robe she gave is there
Where leans the wildflower's cheek of bloom
Where rises oft thy voice of prayer
The spirit has no tomb!

From "(Untitled)"

Yet here shall Friendship's morning beam
With gladder radiance play

From "The snow drop"

Thou hast not stay'd till warm suns smiled
and Spring's soft voice with whispers mild